Stephen Davies: Blood & Ink

Do 08.11.2018 / 11:30 - 12:30
Kategorie: bookokult / Lesung
Altersgruppe: ab 4. kl. NMS/AHS

Timbuktu in the year 2012. Ali, 16, is a mujahid, a holy warrior. His battalion is massing in the Sahara Desert, preparing to invade Timbuktu. Kadija, 15, is a daughter of Timbuktu on the verge of becoming a Guardian, a keeper of the town’s mysterious ancient manuscripts. The two of them are now set on a collision course. Ali hates Kadija’s spirit and her outlawed passion for music. Kadija scorns Ali’s confident, ruthless fanaticism. So when they find themselves falling for each other, they try desperately to resist.

ACHTUNG: Lesung & Gespräch in englischer Sprache!